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Alyssa Burgoyne


Alyssa Burgoyne is an experienced Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager and the owner of Clear Directions Virtual Solutions.

She is an organization enthusiast and is passionate about developing strategic systems, processes and strategies for her clients to improve productivity and ROI.

Alyssa is committed to supporting other work from home parents through the opportunity to work as part of the Clear Directions team. She fully believes in the importance of family and giving the ability for parents to be home with their children.

Alyssa is also a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. During her downtime you will find her reading stories, camping, travelling and enjoying quality time with her family.

Gian Baltazar

Social Media Manager & Graphic Designer

Gian is the graphic designer/SMM of Clear Directions Virtual Solutions. She is in charge of creating and scheduling social media visuals. Gian has been with the company for over 6 months. Prior to that, she spent months learning and attending workshops and in-depth training about brand designing and Social Media Management.

Gian spends her free time practicing calligraphy and trying out her pen collection. Fear, according to Gian, will get you nowhere. She enjoys putting up her best effort and placing a high value on her work
Kristine Rivera

Virtual Assistant

Meet Kristine, she’s a virtual assistant who is committed to helping others achieve their goals, whether it’s conducting thorough research, managing administrative task, or providing support, she is always ready to help. As a firm believer in the power of encouragement and support, Kristine knows that everyone has their own unique abilities and with the right mindset, guidance, and motivation, anything can be achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Clear Directions team is made up of 6 talented individuals located in various locations around the world. 

We all have our strong suits and the team at CDVS is carefully crafted to to ensure you are getting the best of our skillsets, working together on your business.

YES! We have worked with many business owners who have never outsourced and need some extra support to learn about the process. 

Help us help YOU!